Volunteer Needed for the Auckland Regional Dragon Boat Championships

Auckland Dragon Boat Association is a non-profit, community-based sport ran by passionate volunteers. An incredible number of hours is given to our sport each year to manage, run and facilitate our growing sport, and if it wasn’t for our helpful volunteers, we wouldn’t be here today.

We are currently recruiting for volunteers for our biggest event, Auckland Regional Championships held at Lake Pupuke on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March

If you’d like to be a part of a vibrant, fun filled team whilst giving back to the community, and you’re available on any/all the following dates, please contact us at volunteer@adba.co.nz

  • Friday 22nd March – Pack in
  • Saturday 23rd March – Senior Championships
  • Sunday 24th March – Schools Championships and 200m Adult races

 We need to fill the following roles:


Event Set Up Crew, Post Event Clean-Up

Friday, 22nd March scattered time from 10am – 6pm

These crews will undertake a variety of duties that will be determined closer to the event, including but not limited to setting up the site, installing fencing, lifting boats, unpacking trailers, and packing down all equipment to ensure we leave the venue as we left it.


Boat Loaders

Saturday 23rd March and/or Sunday 24th March from 7am – 4pm

  • Supervise the crews in the Boat Loading Area (on the pontoon)
  • Secure boats on the pontoon until the team can take control
  • Check Head and Tail is locked in place, Number Board is secure, Sweep Oar hoop is secure and report any damage to the Chief Boat Loader
  • Check everyone is wearing a lifejacket Ensure the allocated team is loaded safely into the correctly numbered boat
  • Help with bailing water from the boats if time allows, or provide a bailer to crew
  • Supervise each team to return their boat to the appropriate docking position, to disembark
  • safely and to vacate the area promptly



Saturday 23rd March and/or Sunday 24th March from 7am – 4pm

  • Welcome competitors to the marshalling tent
  • Ensure paddlers are lined up from sweep (at the front of the queue) to caller (at the back of the crew)
  • Take a register of the paddlers as soon as possible on the iPads before they are released to the boat loading area (training to be provided)
  • Inform the Chief Marshal if crews are late to crew marshalling
  • Check all competitors are wearing their life jackets and paddlers have their paddles
  • Work with the Chief Marshal to release the right crews to the boat loading area quickly and efficiently
  • There will be 5 lanes. You may be in charge of more than one lane


Car Park Attendants

2 shifts:

Saturday 23rd March (6am – 8.30am),

Sunday 24th march (6am – 8am and 11am – 12.30pm).

As part of the Car parking crew, you will manage the one of 2 car parking areas.

Top Car Park

  • Food Vendor and Chief Official Parking at Killarney top Car Park
  • Guide food trucks into their allocated spots
  • Do not allow participants to park in this area – Guide then to the top car park
  • Allow all chief officials and names allocated on the car parking list.

Top feild

  • Direct cars into the car park in an orderly fashion, ensuring tree roots are kept clear
  • Allow volunteers to park free – Names will be on the car parking list
  • Pick up float from HQ tent
  • Car parking costs $5 per car


First Aider

Saturday 23rd March and Sunday 24th March from 8am – 5pm

  • Being present through their shift and no other responsibilities throughout the day
  • Ensure cover is available for bathroom breaks
  • Provide an effective First aid service to persons
  • Provide First Aid & liaise with ambulance service, and other emergency services when required.
  • Ensure accurate and appropriate recordings of all first aid cases treated. An injury/incident report will be provided at the event
  • Provide welfare to any persons in distress/suffering from illness or injury and provide advice and support.


Ready to Volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering at this event, please contact us at volunteer@adba.co.nz with the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact phone number
  • Email address
  • Your preferred role(s)
  • Do you already have an affiliation with Auckland Dragon Boat Association?