Regional Reps Program

Auckland Regional Representative (Auckland Reps) Program


The Auckland Regional Representative squad are 2 times winners and the current holders of the NZ Regional Representative Shield. The 5 Dragon Boating regions in Aotearoa - NZ compete for this vaunted prize each year at the National Championships regatta. It is awarded to the region whose representative crews across multiple racing divisions win the most "Rep races"!! 

Each year, affiliated members of the Auckland Dragon Boat Association are invited to express their interest to join the Auckland Regional Representative program. The expression of interest provides an opportunity for paddlers, sweeps and coaches to be selected to represent the Auckland region at the New Zealand National Dragon Boat Championships and race against the best regional crews from across the country.

Is the Rep Squad for you? 

We are looking for people who want to compete at the highest level in our sport, have a drive to push themselves and to excel. If you're a paddler, a caller, a sweep or a coach and this sounds like you, then whether you're a seasoned or a novice dragon boater put yourself forward to be part of this successful and rewarding program.

The compeition is fierce and the crews are dedicated, however if you do the mahi, you will get the treats! 

Representative Program Objectives

  • To implement and deliver a program for eligible athletes in the Auckland region to be selected to represent our region at the annual NZDBA National Dragon Boat Championships in a Regional Representative crew.
  • To encourage and assist the development of aspiring coaches, sweeps and team officials at a representative level.
  • To raise the competition level of Dragon Boat racing across the Auckland region.
  • To implement and deliver a program that will prepare eligible and interested athletes in the Auckland region to confidently put themselves forward for selection for the NZ Black Dragons (Taniwha Pango) National Representative squad.

Assessment Approach

Paddlers will be required to complete physical fitness, strength and paddling assessments during the program. The results from these assessments will be used to inform crew selection decisions for places in the final representative crews.

Other selection critera will be observational ones made by the coaches and leadership team:

Technical - An athletes ability to execute the crew's stroke technique consistently well; a sweeps ability to get their crew into the best position and maintain it during a race; a callers ability to motivate and drum in time with their crew

Attitude – Your attitude towards other members of the program. Are you a team player? Are you willing to change and adapt to what your coach is asking of you, and to what your team needs?

Commitment – It’s not just about your attendance record, it's also about your and willingness to work hard and learn whilst you're training.

Selection Approach

The program intends to select the best crews to represent Auckland at the NZ National Championships. Some athletes may not be selected for a crew, or for their first choice crew but that is the nature of elite level compeition.  Our Rep Squad coaches and leaders will certainly provide you with feedback to put you on the right track for your development. If you are not successful with your first attempt we encourage you to continue putting yourself forward for future representative programmes. 

It will be challenging and at times it might even hurt a bit, but it will be rewarding and may even be life-changing! This is an incredoble learning and developnment opportunity for willing athletes. The program leadership team will be there with you all the way, and will be available to answer questions, and guide you along the way. 

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