2024 Sports Awards Nominations

Nominations Now Open for the 2024 ADBA Sports Awards!

The ADBA Sports Awards are just round the corner, scheduled for Friday, 7th June at the Takapuna Rugby Club. Tickets are on sale now for ADBA Members and friends here: https://www.adba.co.nz/events/239850

It's time to shine a spotlight on the exceptional individuals within our dragon boat community!  The Auckland Dragon Boat Association is excited to announce that nominations for the ADBA Awards are officially open. This is your chance to honour those who have gone above and beyond in their contributions to the sport and our community.

The nomination link will close at 7pm on Saturday, 18th May 2024 (link at the bottom of this page). 

When submitting your nominations, remember to include specific examples and anecdotes that showcase the nominee's achievements and their impact on their crew or the sport at large.


Manager of the Year Award

Do you know someone who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication, and excellence in managing and supporting their crew? The Manager of the Year Award aims to recognise individuals who have significantly contributed to the success, growth, and positive development of their team. Consider nominees who exhibit strong leadership skills, create a supportive team culture, and promote sportsmanship and ethics.


Coach of the Year Award

Recognising exceptional coaching abilities, leadership, and dedication, the Coach of the Year Award celebrates those who have made a significant impact on the development, success, and growth of dragon boat athletes. Look for nominees with exceptional coaching skills, a commitment to athlete development, strong leadership and communication abilities, and a dedication to sportsmanship and ethics.


Captain of the Year Award

This award acknowledges the pivotal role of a team captain in guiding and inspiring their crew to success. Nominate individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic thinking, and motivation, leading their team to achievements on and off the water. Consider nominees who foster team cohesion, communicate effectively, and exemplify sportsmanship and integrity.


Rookie of the Year

Celebrating outstanding newcomers who have shown exceptional promise in the sport, the Rookie of the Year Award acknowledges those who have demonstrated dedication, growth, and a commitment to personal development and team success within their first year. Nominate rookies who have shown significant improvement in their paddling skills, made valuable contributions to their team, exhibited sportsmanship, coachability, personal growth, and leadership potential.


NEW AWARD: Most Improved Member

Recognising the dedication and hard work of an individual who has shown remarkable improvement in their skills and contributions to the team over the past year, the Most Improved Member Award celebrates those who have made significant strides in their paddling, calling, or sweeping abilities. Nominate members who have been a member for more than 1 season, who have demonstrated a commitment to learning, growth, and teamwork, making invaluable contributions to their crew's success.


When submitting nominations, provide specific examples and anecdotes that highlight the nominee's achievements, growth, and impact within their respective categories.

Submit your nominations here by 7pm, Saturday 18th May