Become a Sweep

Becoming an Accredited Sweep  

Steering a dragon boat team can be an incredibly rewarding experience with a 5 stage recognition pathway that recognises a Sweeps ability, knowledge and achievements.  The required achievement level to gain full Sweep accreditation is Level 3. 

Pathway to becoming a Level 3 Sweep 

  • Level 0 to 1: Entry Level Sweep - under “Direct Supervision” (Mentoring Level 3 Sweep in the boat at all times) until sign off of satisfactory sweeping skill achieved. 

  • Level 1 to 2: “Indirect Supervision” (Mentoring Level 3 Sweep in Audible contact) having passed the written and practical assessments 

  • Level 2 to 3: Sweep “incident free” at THREE individual racing events with one being a NZDBA Sanctioned Event, TWO of those racing events including the Sanctioned Event must be completed in standard 20 man boats. 

For an event that is run OVER TWO or more DAYS, each one of those days constitutes an “event”. 

To get started: 

  1. Get registered as a sweep trainee and attend a Sweeps Clinic here.  Limited space book now for the September 2023 Sweep Clinics

  1. Select your Level 3 Sweep Mentor to show you the ropes and supervise you directly in the boat with your team

  2. Contact the Sweep Coordinator for your practical test to become a Level 2 Sweep 

  1. Study and sit your Level 2 theory online 

  1. Then sweep as often as you can to become proficient.  The more you steer, the better you'll become.   

  1. Get racing. 

  1. Enjoy the benefits. 

Contact Chris, our Sweep Coordinator for more details.